Our Mission Operating in the heart of San Diego's biotech sector since 1995, from day one our mission has been to manufacture and supply only the highest-quality raw biochemical materials, diagnostic test kits, and medical devices to our customers. Our products are used in a wide range of situations, from scientific research to point-of-care in clinical settings. We understand that the accuracy and validity of the results of any experiment or treatment relies on the integrity of the materials and of the test platforms being used. As one of the first gate-keepers for ensuring well-conducted science and high-quality patient care, we take pride and responsiblity for the materials, platforms, and services we provide, by staying true to our values and following our Quality Assurance guidelines and protocols.
With more than 2 decades of expertise in the fields of immunology, immunohistochemistry, and biomedical devices, we have developed many platforms and services capable of fulfilling your business, clinical, and research needs. Here, we provide a high level overview.
Biochemical Materials For scientific research and experimentation. Micro/Nanoparticles Antibodies Antigens Conjugates and Probes
Assays For clinical tests and research experiments. Rapid Diagnostic Tests ELISAs
OEM Platforms For companies who wish to assemble their own products. Single-Panel Dip Card Format Multi-Panel Dip Card Format Cup Format Midstream Stick Format
Services Custom Synthesis of Nano/Microparticles Custom Conjugates and Probe Development Custom Hybridoma Development Custom Assay Development Custom OEM Development Independent Cross-Validation
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